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It's me,
Solo Roberto
Mr. Roberto D'Innocenzo

Driven by a profound passion for wine, I've dedicated my career to becoming a knowledgeable and respected sommelier in the industry. Over the years, I've refined my expertise, delving into the intricacies of grape varietals, terroirs, and winemaking techniques. This love for wine propels me to seek out small and medium-sized wineries renowned for their exceptional quality and introduce their products to global markets.

My reputation as a trusted partner in the Duty Free & Duty Paid market has inspired me to venture into marketing my own production. With Just Roberto out of the picture, I focus solely on ensuring that Solo Roberto wines not only meet but surpass the expectations of discerning clients. My unwavering dedication to providing affordable wines without compromising quality drives me to continually find the perfect balance between taste, value, and market positioning.

Solo Roberto Friuli Grave DOC wines are an expression of the Grave territory, in Pordenone province. The soil is of alluvial origin, predominantly stony or gravelly. “Grave” are rounded pebbles formed by the millenary erosive action of water of the Meduna, Cellina and Tagliamento rivers; in their flow towards the sea, they have deposited along the plains, the calcareous-dolomite material torn from the mountains.

The superficial presence of pebbles at the foot of the vines, allows the accumulation of heat during the day and its subsequent release during the night. This influences the temperature oscillation between day and night, especially at the end of the Summer, when grapes reach its maximum level of maturation.



Solo Roberto wines have been honored annually with numerous awards by renowned Italian wine critic Luca Maroni, a testament to their exceptional quality and craftsmanship. With each vintage, Solo Roberto continues to impress both critics and connoisseurs alike, earning recognition for its dedication to excellence in winemaking.


Luca Maroni Awards

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