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Solo Roberto, a dedicated wine producer, embodies the true essence of Italian winemaking. With a focus on quality and a passion for viticulture, we have become a prominent player in the global wine trade since 2014. Led by Mr. Roberto D'Innocenzo, our team of knowledgeable connoisseurs and sommeliers curates a unique selection of fine wines sourced directly from top vineyards in Friuli-Venezia Giulia. We take pride in enriching your wine list with exceptional, value-for-money wines that showcase the diverse terroirs and winemaking traditions of Italy.

Our distinctive lineup embodies our dedication to excellence and showcases the expertise of our production process. Solo Roberto represents a sophisticated approach to winemaking, from vineyard management to the final refinement, offering upscale and captivating wines known for their exceptional quality.



Solo Roberto wines come from an area where wine has an ideal place to grow, giving rise to high quality wines. They present some particular characteristics in common: freshness, fruitiness, and elegance in the white grape varieties. The red grape varieties produce harmonious, fullbodied and fragrant young wines particularly suitable to ageing. Solo Roberto wines are obtained respecting traditions, in the name of modernity offered by the most current oenological and winemaking techniques.

The majority of tanks are stainless steel and a part is made of refrigerated cement, while wooden barrels of various sizes are used to refine Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.

Our technical orientation is to produce super aromatic and fruity wines which give pleasure in the mouth and on the nose,  without compromising the freshness and minerality coming from the regional pedo-climatic environment; the result is clean and elegant wines. That makes possible that our original nectars' are so good for connoisseur hence the award as Best Pinot Grigio of Italy (by Luca Maroni well as 2nd best white wines of Italy or the Sauvignon 3rd Best white wines of Italy), and at same time reliable for the vast public. This philosophy reflects also into the commercial aspect with a price point which makes our wines affordable on the Premium Economy segment and for smart casual people with target on the Middle class (which is the largest public for the wine industry).

These meticulously curated wines have already earned acclaim at boutique wineries and retail outlets. Furthermore, our wines have been praised by esteemed Italian wine critic Luca Maroni.


Via Giuseppe Mazzini, 29, 01035 Gallese VT, Italy

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